• Baptiste Deneufbourg

    Baptiste Deneufbourg

    Video Games Production student @Cnam_Enjmin. Wannabe the video games' Pedro Winter.

  • Simon Menashy

    Simon Menashy

    Partner at @MMC_Ventures. I write about venture and high-growth technology companies (more occasionally than I would like).

  • Vasavadatta


  • Mladen Dulanovic

    Mladen Dulanovic

    Just an ordinary product guy

  • Philippe Julien

    Philippe Julien

    Philippe is a versatile data scientist, with experience in academia, Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippejulien1/

  • Frank Duffner

    Frank Duffner

  • Greg Buzz

    Greg Buzz

  • Jukka Hilvonen

    Jukka Hilvonen

    Performance marketer @Nitro Games. Fantasizing to move into a small cabin in middle of Finnish Lapland and make world’s best mobile games as a hermit.

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